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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn¬†how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Shop with us and we guarantee that you will pay no more than you would by going directly to each merchants website directly. We operate as an affiliate and get paid a commission by our merchant partners each time we direct a customer to their website and a purchase is made.
We have tried to make our website 'shopper friendly' as a directory of merchants by type of goods and in alphabetical listings.
We also include advertising detailing the current offers from our merchant partners


Once our operating costs are covered we donate 90% of the commission generated to charities. We believe that this means that we donate a higher share of the commission generated than any other similar websites.
We aim to work with all U.K. charities - large and small.
When a shopper registers with us they advise us which charity they want to support.
Charities receive a share of the commission generated based on the proportion of shoppers that have nominated that charity.


We aim to work with as many online merchants as possible and currently feature over 1,000 on our website. Merchants use cookies (little files of data) to track purchases made by shoppers that have been directed to them from our site.
Merchants pay us a commission based on those purchases.
Whilst our ambition is to generate as much money for charity as possible we also realise we need to attractive to shoppers so will carry advertising which directs our shoppers to a merchants offers

Our story

We are a business which operates primarily to raise donations to UK charities.

We pledge to keep our operating costs to a minimum so that we can donate as much as possible – we are a not for profits organisation

We can only be as succesful as our shoppers allow us to be so please encourage friends and colleagues to join us.

You can help to make a difference by making sure that every time that you want to make an online purchase you us our shopping directory.

As someone said – Every Little Helps ! – each purchase might only raise a small amount but collectively we can make a real difference

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