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Click on any of the links provided on our website and shop with your chosen merchant. We promise that you will not pay 1p more to shop using our links than visiting the merchants site direct.

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We are paid a commission every time that you shop online through one of our links. We use those commissions to cover our costs and donate 100% of the remainder to BBC Children in Need

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Some of our most popular merchant partners

Some of our most popular merchant partners

FAQ's About Us

What is Shop2Give ?

In simple terms think of us as an online shopping mall ! – you enter each of our merchant partners websites by clicking on the links provided on our site. Each time that our shoppers do this and make a purchase we get paid a small commission for directing traffic to the merchants site. In working this way we act as an affiliate of the merchant partner.

How does Shop2Give Work ?

Each time that you click on a link provided on our website you are transferred to the merchants own website and a ‘cookie’ – a small piece of code – is dropped to advise the merchant that you have come from Shop2Give. If you make a purchase we get paid a small commission – if you want to know more about cookies and our privacy policy click the link below

How much is paid to Charity ?

We support BBC Children in Need and donate 100% of the commissions generated, after our costs have been covered to BBC Children in Need. The amount of commission generated is dictated by our merchant partners – sometimes it can eb as low as 1% but with other merchants it can be as high as 20%.

Can I still use offers sent direct from merchants ?

Yes – if you have signed up directly with a merchant in the past you may get sent additional offers from that merchant – if these offers require you to enter a discount code when you checkout you can still use that code when you have clicked through from Shop2Give .

Why does it take 60 days ?

Typically each merchant allows a 30 day period for shoppers to make any returns of goods that are not required – commission is not paid on any returns. Merchants can then take at least a further 30 days for any commissions owed to us to be processed through their systems and transferred to us.

What about Travel ?

If shoppers book any travel arrangements through the links provided we will not get paid any commission until at least 30 days after the travel has been completed Рthis is also to allow for any cancellations to be processed 

Why BBC Children in Need ?

We set out to use the commissions generated to help less fortunate children. We thought about setting up our own charity or supporting other great National childrens charities but in the end we would have had to incur additional costs to do so and so decided that support for one charity was the way in which we could maximise our donations and BBC Children in Need ticked all our boxes !

How much is earned ?

It varies by merchant – some merchants pay as little as 1% of the sale value and others pay as much as 20%. Sometimes a merchant will pay us a lower commission if the sale is a result of a really strong offer or discount code. We think that this is reasonable as first and foremost we set out to provide our shoppers with the best deals possible

How do I make sure that my purchases generate a commission

Make sure that your device is set to accept cookies – you’ll be used to seeing lots of pop ups about cookies as under new legislation you have to accept their use each time you visit a site that uses them. If you have browsed the same merchant through another site please make sure that we are your last click through before you make a purchase – usually last click wins when it comes to being paid.

Is my data safe ?

We do not hold any data about you – other than your name and e-mail address if you sign up for our weekly newsletter. Any purchases that you make are made directly with the merchant on their website and none of this data is provided to us. We do not track any purchases ourselves and do not hold any transactional data.

Great how can I get started ?

It’s easy – no registration or log in is required (unless you opt to receive our weekly newsletter). Simply search by category or merchant using the links provided on this page and start shopping and start raising donations to BBC Children in Need – we promise your purchases will not cost you any extra but you are helping to raise funds for a great cause.