Help to make your world a better place each time you shop

  • We donate to your chosen charity each time you shop
  • Sign up and tell us your preferred charity
  • Use the links on our website each time you shop online
  •  Click through to your chosen retailer and make your purchases as normal
  • You pay no more than you would if you had gone directly to the retailers website
  • Our retail partners pay us a commission for directing traffic to their website
  • We donate to our charity partners

Some of our Charity Partners

Some of Our Merchant Partners

Donate Commission on your everyday purchases

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How does Shop2Give work ?

Shop2Give operates as an affiliate

This mean that we operate as an affiliate partner for most well known stores. The stores pay a commission for every person who is referred to their website and makes a purchase. The commission is usually a percentage of the value of the purchase made. 

Shop2Give then pays this commission to our partner charities.

As a shopper you do not pay any extra for the goods purchased.

How does Shop2Give make money ?

Shop2Give is free to join for all  charity partners and for all shoppers.

We fund our ongoing operation and development by taking a percentage of the commission paid by our merchant partners.

We are completely transparent about the share of commission that we take with our charity partners and have the ambition for this to be no more than 10% of the commission generated

How do I know which Charity benefits ?

You select your preferred charity when you join Shop2Give

At the end of each year an independent body audits how much commission has been generated and how many ‘supporters’ each of our charity partners have.

The total commission is shared in proportion to the number of supporters that each charity has. So if we have £1m to donate to charities and your preferred charity has 10% of the total number of shoppers they will receive £100,000.

Each year we will publish report detailing all of the donations made.

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